What’s Different About Your Themes?

Our themes are not typical at all. They install just like any other WordPress theme, but they run on javascript to quickly display content and smoothly move visitors throughout your site.

They combine WordPress’ familiarity and ease of use with javascript to create something that’s completely unlike your competition.

Can I Use Plugins With It?

It just depends on what the plugin does and how it is made to work. Plugins that modify the main content of a page will generally work just fine. Even plugins that bring their own styles can be used.

Artisan does include jQuery and you can add in plugins that use jQuery scripts with a bit of modification. The slideshows in the Artisan demo run on the Owl Carousel 2 jQuery script for example. If you need help incorporating a script, let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction. If you’d rather have us handle the customization, we can do that too. Just contact us and let us know what you’d like to integrate.

How SEO Friendly Is a Javascript App?

SEO is a huge concern for every website and rightfully so. Our themes are built to work with WordPress SEO by Yoast and will update the tiles, descriptions and so on based on what is entered with the plugin.

The initial page that is loaded will have these items in the actual HTML and on subsequent views, these will be updated via javascript. They will work great with social sharing like on Facebook, Twitter and so on too.

Are They Difficult To Install/Use?

Not at all. They install just like a standard WordPress theme.

How Many Sites Can I Use It On?

You’re welcome to use the app on as many sites as you’d like to. It’s licensed under the GPL open source license like WordPress is.

How About Updates?

Our apps are routinely updated. When an update is released, we’ll send an email to let our customers know that a new version is available. Each update will have release notes to explain what has changed in each file.

Each purchase includes all updates for the app for one year from the purchase date.

Is This Site Running One?

It is! We wanted to showcase what you can do with an app so we cooked up one for this site. It’s running WooCommerce for the product management and checkout.

Do You Offer Refunds?

We do understand that not every product is for everyone. So we do offer refunds on purchases within 14 days of purchase.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal, Apple Pay, and most major credit cards. All of our transactions are processed securely, protected by SSL encryption. We do not store any payment information from our users so there is no threat to having it stolen from us.

Who Are We?

WP Web Apps is brought to you by Bill and Nikki Robbins. We’re the folks who started Organized Themes, one of the original theme shops. Since 2008 we’ve been a part of the WordPress community, helping thousands of users create sites that they love. At the end of 2016 an unexpected offer to purchase Organized Themes came along, and we choose to sell our “baby” and start the journey of working with web apps.

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